Mayweather v McGregor stupid beyond reason

Stupid beyond reason. Money, success and all its trimmings can often leave its mark on people. It can change people’s ability to think straight, often causing them to do stupid things.


Well, Conor McGregor is no stranger to being stupid. McGregor was once photographed holding a gun out of his BMW’s window taking on the appearance of a gangster. He was under investigation by the Irish police, considering the country’s strict gun laws, and McGregor later came out and apologized. McGregor was asked who he would rather have sex with if it was the last day of his life. Given the choice of Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate, he replied “I’d have “one ridin’ (expletive), one licking ma toessssss.” UFC president Dana White was quick to condemn the tweet and McGregor apologized shortly thereafter. Get Conor McGregor enhanced odds here.


He upset the then-featherweight champion Jose Aldo’s during their month-long promo tour for their fight at UFC 189. He leapt forward and arrogantly ripped the championship belt away from Aldo and caused mayhem in doing so on the stage. At the “The Time is Now” presser earlier in 2015, his antics at the “Go Big” press conference put McGregor in a league of his own. McGregor spared not a single soul that night, taking shots at everyone in attendance that he’d have the even the slightest chance of fighting, including Donald Cerrone, Rafael Dos Anjos, and Frankie Edgar. McGregor introduced the world to “Red Panty Night” during that press conference and also told opponent Jose Aldo, “It’s A-Okay; I love you like my *##*.


McGregor threw the MMA world for a loop when he tweeted that he was retiring from the sport young. The single tweet saw more retweets than Kobe Bryant’s announcement that he was retiring from basketball. Fans were in disbelief while most media members literally did not believe it, as McGregor had recently signed on to rematch Nate Diaz at UFC 200. Two days later, McGregor let everyone know he wasn’t retiring and was just tired of the promotional grind of the sport, setting up another crazy moment in his career.


These are not all of McGregor’s antic, but just a few that have landed him in hot water. His next hot bath will be on 26th August when he faces the formidable Floyd “Money” Mayweather in what should be an explosive encounter.

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