Tim Howard buzzing to get started

Former Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard joined Colorado Rapids in the summer and is eager to get started.

The 37-year-old will not have long left in his career, but he is clearly keeping himself in the best possible shape to make it last as long as possible. This will see his season extended from the Premier League and see him play 18 months in total because of the Premier League and MLS being played at different times of year.

He joined up with the US team this summer and will be getting straight back into football with Colorado after reaching the semi-finals with his country.



This is what Tim Howard had to say on the move and situation:

‘This will ultimately be an 18-month season for me. Pablo and I spoke quite a lot over the last couple of weeks, and I didn’t really want a vacation. I just want to get out there.’

‘It’s what I do; it’s where I’m happiest. The sooner I can get on the field, the better. It’s been a long time coming just because of the way the seasons are structured here in the MLS and abroad.’

Tim Howard also had something to say to Everton after spending ten years at the club. He said:

‘Everton is always in my heart; it’s a club I spent ten years at. But it’s a new chapter, a new challenge; it’s something I’m hungry for here.’

‘England was great for me, it was hard work, but nothing good is ever easy. I’ve got fond memories, great friends. It’s where my children were born, and there’s a lot of greats things about what happened over the last 13 years in England.’

‘I’ll be retired for a lot longer, so I’ll have time to look back. Right now, I’m hungry, I’m excited, I love to compete, I love to play, and it can’t come soon enough.’


This shows the man that Tim Howard is. A lot of players lose the love for the game, lose the passion and leave the game at an early age. But not with Tim, he still works just as hard as any other player and it has paid off. He is just as fit as the younger players in the squad but has a lot of experience which he can give to the players he is now around.

He is grateful for everything that England has done for him which is great to hear. And now it is time for him to become a legend elsewhere.

Good luck Tim Howard.

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