‘Tim Howard was the difference’

In fact, Kevin Doyle says that he and his teammates were backing the former Manchester United and Everton shot-stopper to be the hero before a ball was even kicked. This shows how highly the think of him, even at this stage of his career.

Tim Howard went on to save two penalties in the game against LA Galaxy as the two sides could not be separated over 180 minutes. He saved two of them to get Colorado Rapids into the final four of the MLS Cup, and now they will feel they have a very good chance of going all the way.


Kevin Doyle had this to say about Tim: ‘The players were talking in the build-up to the game and we knew that Tim would win it for us if it went to a penalty shootout. Time was immense on Sunday night. He is a huge presence between the posts and he has a confidence that is always helpful in those pressure situations. In the end, he came through for us with two big saves and I wasn’t surprised in the slightest.’

‘He has a presence that would have made it difficult for the Galaxy players when it went to penalties. He looks so big in that goal when you take a penalty against him. Thankfully what we spoke about before the game became a reality a few hours later.’

Kevin Doyle believes the arrival of Tim Howard at the end of the Premier League season has changed the image of the Rapids side. He described it as being so good for them after the heroics he showed in the 2014 World Cup which did America so well against all the odds.

Doyle carried on saying: ‘I have been amazed by what a massive figure he is not just to soccer fans, but to everyone who follows sport in America. You might not think that soccer is the biggest sport in America, but that changed when Tim Howard walks into a room because everyone knows who he is.’

‘Tim is Mr America in so many ways and he is fantastic when it comes to saving penalties. We see him in training every day and he is brilliant at guessing the way to dive and I wasn’t surprised to see people a couple of their players missing.’

‘Tim has just been massive for us in so many ways since he came to Colorado. He has brought a star quality to the team and the same can be said of Jermaine Jones and Shkelzen Gashi, who scored a fantastic goal to get us back into the game on Sunday.’

‘In the end, it all added up to what was a great night for our club and we don’t want it to end here.’

Kevin Doyle had a very poor campaign in 2015, but has now found his feet again and is helping the side in every way possible.

This is what he has to say on Rapids chances of winning the Cup: ‘We believe we can go all the way and while the game against Seattle will be tough as they are in great form, people need to start believing in Colorado.’

‘No one expected is to get this far and it is nice to hear people complaining about the altitude at our stadium and using that as an excuse when we beat them. No one mentioned the altitude issue when we were getting beaten on a regular basis last year, so long may the complaints continue.’

‘We hopefully have three more games left to play this season and the prize at the end is in sight now. We believe we can win the MLS Cup.

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