Vieira talks Zlatan move

Arsenal legend and ex-Manchester City player Patrick Vieira has come out to talk about what he thinks about the ‘Big Swede’, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, moving to old rivals Manchester United.

Patrick Vieira and Zlatan Ibrahimovic played together for a while at Inter Milan and Juventus, so it is fair to say they know a lot about each other. And Vieira has said the pair still talk to each other from time to time. In fact, the pair spoke to each other yesterday morning. He’s what Viera had to say:

‘I spoke with him this morning. He decided to go to United, and he believed that was the best decision for him. I wish him good luck, all the best and off course, I will be following him.’


Viera was also very pleased to see how the football in Manchester is improving. He has said that the recruitments of Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola just proves how good both of the sides are.

‘I think that’s fantastic, because look at the top managers in Manchester. Look at Ibrahimovic, Aguero, Silva, Rooney. I think Manchester is the capital of football.’

Viera said there is nothing better than a derby. He has the right to say that as he has played in many including Arsenal v Spurs, Inter Milan v AC Milan and of course Manchester United v Manchester City.


Here’s what he had to say:

‘I think the derby is still the same in every derby in every city and every country. You play for the city. You have crossing fans knowing each other, sometimes in the family you have the father supporting the reds, and the other one is supporting the blues.’

Zlatan loves to be in the centre of attention, and I think he will thrive from playing in the biggest games with Manchester United. The Premier League will be different to any other league he has played with. It will be aggressive, and it will be a lot harder to win games as there are upsets almost every week. Zlatan will need to get used to that, and do it quickly. Players such as Falcao have come to the Premier League and failed, but I personally think he is different and will be an honour to watch in the Premier League.

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